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A new function is available for Earth Leakage relays Type B and Type A-F that allows to constantly monitor the efficiency of the circuit breaker Trip circuit when is made of a shunt release coil.

The alarm contact (TCS Alarm) will be as positive safety (normally energized) and will be released after the programmed activation time delay in the following situations:

- Lack of device auxiliary supply (no delay, device off)

- When ELR is operating in measuring mode, in case of shunt release coil connection fault or in case of lack of the relevant auxiliary supply

- When ELR is operating in tripping mode, if the contacts (COM, NO) of the Trip Relay are not closed.

When normal operating conditions are restored, the Alarm Contact will be energized again after a programmable release time delay (or in manual mode with Memory setting).

Check out the Ordering Code for this new function in the Data Sheet of each type.

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Residual direct current monitoring module (RDC-M - module)

The XTDB022 is a residual direct current monitoring module (RDC-M-module) which, electrically coupled to a protection unit (RCD relay) or switching unit (contactor, relay, etc.), performs the function of the residual direct current monitoring device (RDC-MD), in full compliance with the requirements of IEC 62955. It is used in AC charging stations permanently connected to the mains (mode 3 according to IEC 61851-1), where the presence of a residual direct current detecting device (RDC-DD), capable of interrupting the power supply to the electric vehicle (EV) in the event that this current is equal to or greater than 6 mA, is required in order to guarantee the correct operation of type A or type F RCD installed upstream of the station itself,
which could otherwise be “blinded” by the presence of an excessive direct current component. The XTDB022 monitoring module is characterized by a wide cable passing aperture (22.5 mm), while retaining a very small overall size, a JST connector for quick and easy installation, and a diagnostic LED that indicates the dierent operating states of the system.

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Ultra-compact earth leakage relay 48x48mm

X48DSA LED blinking function has been implemented to indicate the leakage current level before relay tripping (bar-graph simulation). LED TRIP blinking frequency is directly proportional to the leakage current percentage.

1. trip current setting IDn trimmer.

2. trip delay setting Dt trimmer.

3. programming selector.

4. LED ON indicates that the ELR is powered.

5. LED TRIP indicates that the ELR has tripped / leakage current % level (only for “L” code).

6. TEST pushbutton for relay trip test.

7. RESET pushbutton for relay restore after trip.


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