Quality Policy

The policy of Frer srl has been established in relation to the internal and external context of the organization examined by the Management in collaboration with the managers of the various company processes.
It is Frer srl's policy to provide customers with services that meet the agreed requirements and satisfy their needs at minimum cost and with the highest possible efficiency. The implementation of this policy is the task of all personnel and the responsibility of the Management, through the application of an effective Quality System according to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard and that it is also respectful of environmental impacts and safety in places of work.

Quality objectives

To achieve the required Quality objective, the GM (General Management) of Frer srl has established the following strategic objectives:

- Compliance with national and international regulations in force, EU directives and regulations to which Frer srl is subject in terms of product, safety and environment
- Guarantee for employees of a safe workplace where sanitation activities are periodically carried out and where all the appropriate protective devices and hydroalcoholic solutions are made available
- Guarantee towards the customer to supply high quality products respecting delivery times
- Fully meet the customer's expectations in order to always be present on the market, while safeguarding environmental protection and worker safety;
- Provide a commitment to continuous improvement, pollution prevention and risk prevention;
- Continuous improvement of results in terms of quality, environment and safety through the timely analysis of non-compliant situations that can cause deviations between the pre-established results and those obtained
- Attention to undertake C.A. (corrective actions) aimed at eliminate the causes of N.C. (non-compliance)
- Involvement in the Quality management system of all company personnel;
- Research and development of technologically advanced products with the best quality / price ratio and low environmental impact;
- Use of IT platforms to maintain contact with customers and continue the commercial activity of promoting our products;
- Continuous research of suppliers with the best quality / price ratio;
- Documentation and disclosure of company policy to all personal and those requesting it
- Evaluate the risks and opportunities associated with business processes by defining any recovery plans aimed at guaranteeing the customer the maintenance of the quality of the product supplied and compliance with delivery times
- Meet the expectations of the interested parties and in particular:punctual payment of employees and creation of a peaceful working atmosphere; availability to the individual needs of employees mutual collaboration relationship with suppliers; order balancing to allow a balanced workload to be distributed among suppliers; respect of delivery times and search for the best quality of the product towards the customer; collaboration relationship with banks and credit institutions; involvement of the accountant in all strategic economic and financial choices - Improvement of the corporate image on the market through participation in fairs, conferences, advertising; continuous expansion of emerging markets and maintenance of market shares in the CEE area - Awareness, training and continuous updating of personnel at all levels also through the planning of training interventions also relating to environmental management and safety in the places of work



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